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21 year old singer/songwriter..


Mackenzie Miller (previously known as Kenzie Rose) has been compared to artists such as Taylor Swift, Jewel, Brandi Carlisle, and James Taylor. After growing up singing in choir under the direction of her mom, she began writing her own songs at age 8 while wandering around the woods behind her house. She has since developed a way of storytelling in her music that is completely her own; it feels fresh and new but still relatable and familiar. She uses evocative language that transports you into dream worlds full of touches of reality. Her voice commands a room with it’s powerful presence and clear tone, drawing on a wide range of emotions from delicate to passionate.


While she spent her teenage years playing at bars, cafes, and open mics all across the U.S., her sound was reminiscent of mid-2000's Taylor Swift; acoustic guitar, sweet vocals, and minimal production on her debut album Kenzie Rose from 2016. Her second release, an EP entitled Wanderer from 2019, she echoed this, the only major difference being that her lyrics were more mature and self-reflective. Her sound has since grown, adding lush synthesisers, glittery arpeggiators, and 808 drum machines to her bright acoustic guitar riffs to create a blend of modern synth pop and classic indie acoustic music. Her songs are full of sing-able hooks, catchy melodies, and an easy-listening sound that you can’t help but dance to. 

Mackenzie has traveled and lived all over the world, including The Philippines and France. While based in Seattle, WA, she is currently studying Songwriting and Performance at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool, England. 

Your New Favorite Solo Artist

Few names are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of music like Mackenzie Miller. A multi-talented solo artist, Mackenzie Miller takes listeners on a compelling journey of thoughts and emotions with every new release. Get to know the artist behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more – never miss a beat!

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